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Some good things to consider doing when hiring a Virtual Assistant

When You Hire a Virtual Assistant, Consider this 4 Important Things.


You already know the advantages when you hire a Virtual Assistant.  Now take into consideration some things that you should do to score a successful hire.

A Virtual Assistant may have worked with a certain amount of clients, in a different type of projects.  She has the experience and has mastered those skills you need. but she hasn’t worked for you. Every company, every person, every project,  is different from the other. No matter if you are in the same field. That’s why you should explain to your VA how you like things done.

I recommend you to train your  Virtual Assistant. Get ready everything you want her to do for you and how you want it, Before she starts.


Make procedures guides 

I received this great 5 days e-mail course (for free!), on how to manage a remote team given by Dave Nevogt (thanks, Dave!). There he mention a great tool to make video o picture guides, name Jing, I tried it, and I have to say, it is a great tool and the greatest part it is free. With this tool you can make clear explanations of the steps you would like her to take when she’s performing your tasks and managing your processes. The best thing is that if you decide to change your VA, you will already have  your process guides and it will be as simple as click and send so  your next VA can start right away.


Make your VA feel part of your company, not just a tasks maker 

This one is really a key one. Remember that Virtual Assistants are freelancers, independent contractors, etc. They function as a company, they think as a company, so they need to “maintain the good reputation of their brand”.  Your success will be her success. She will feel proud of the growth and success of your company because is her own too. She will be performing a great job, with love and empowerment for you and your company. Make sure you take advantage of that by not making her feel like an outsider.


Tracking time and screenshots software. 

There’s many project management software out there. Some will do tracking time and screenshots report. Make sure Your VA uses one. Those are great tools for you to budget your VA and  get an activities report. It will be way more easy for you to keep track of everything that’s going on with your Project.


Communication and follow up 

Even though your VA is a person completely capable of working without supervision, make sure you have a great communication with her, take a time in the day or in the week, depending on what she’s working on for you, to catch up and follow up the process of the tasks that she’s performing for you, so you can make sure things are going as you expect them to go, that will help you to keep track on what’s been done and what needs to be done, give clear instruction and make sure she is in the sale line that you are and understand what you want her to do. Check the time sheets and the screenshots daily, that way you make sure the time you’re paying for is being used the way you expect and will help you correct any mistake or misunderstanding on time.

There’s a lot more things to do when you are working with a VA, but I wanted to make a focus on those. I know, I’ve missed a lot so feel free to put them in the comments.

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