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Let’s go Remote!!

Remote Workers are the Next Step to Take In Your Business

In the past decades the computers, the internet, and all the technology itself have made our life really easy. The era of the typing machines, huge storage rooms, information in thousand of papers and even discs has already passed to the story (even though there still people neglecting the technology and using them). Let me Show you how remote workers are part of this wonder.

Now, you don’t even need a memory stick to storage your information. Put that on the cloud set up a safe password and access it whenever and wherever you want. No keys, no looking for a single paper in a huge archive, simple as a click and gain access. If you forget the password, don’t worry, just click the “forgot password” link and problem solve. To make our life even more easy there are such a programs as password managers  leave it to them and just remember one single password.

Managing employees shouldn’t be that much difficult either. You can hire someone that is a thousand miles away from you, and she/he will work as good as a person being just a few steps away from your desk. Does it sound crazy? yeah, it does. But no, it is not. There are hundreds or I better say thousands of companies already doing it. Existing tools that will help us perform a great job, and even better, remote workers all over the place.


Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers


  • Office tools: The Remote worker or company ready to work for you will have it all, you will just have to provide the instruction of the tasks you need to be done. No need to full equip an office space.
  • No sick days or Vacations: In case your remote worker wants to take some vacations or fall in sick, you won’t have to pay for it, and if you hire with an agency that person will have an immediate replacement with someone as capable as the one before.
  • Dead times: you will pay just for the real time(hours, minutes) the person will be using while performing your tasks. Thanks to tracking time and activity reports software. When the remote worker move away from the computer, the tracking time and billing will stop.
  • Save money:  your remote worker will have an hourly rate higher than you pay or paid, but look at the comparison here of how much you will be really saving
  • Increase Productivity: Bye procrastination, adios!!. You will be giving specific tasks to your remote worker and what this person will be doing. Thanks to project management software, you will be able to track and control the tasks and put a deadline that this person will meet.


And There’s More

  • Freedom: You won’t need to be attached to your office. Go out to get more customers and new business while you manage your team from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Globalization: This is one of the things I like the most. I believe completely in the globalization, I love the trade business with other countries and cultures. This will be great if you want to open international markets. Get with a person in the country you want to open market and have that person making the contacts and looking for what you need, nothing better than a local.

And much more, let the internet be more than just access to social media and emails.

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